1  Pelindo II  Design and Construction Supervision of 107 Selatan, 219-223X, and Eks. Tjetot Container Yard in TanjungPriok Port 2020
2  PT Aecom Indonesia, PT Witteveen Bos Indonesia, PT Atrya Swascipta Rekayasa and PT Cita Prisma - JO  Emergency Assistance for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (EARR) Port of Pantoloan, Donggala, and Wani 2020
3  PT Mega Multi Energi  Detailed Engineering Design and Supervision of The Timbau Bay Special Terminal, Central Kalimantan 2022
4  OKI Pulp and Paper Mills  Review Desain Consultant Seaport Jetty and Trestle - OKI Seaport 2022
5  PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) Regional 2 Bengkulu  Consultancy Service for Design the Major Repairment and Modification of Conveyor Belt Unitincluding Accessories owned by PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) Regional 2 Bengkulu 2022

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