To be the Best National Company in the field of Sea Port Construction Services Consultant, to Give High Value for the Stakeholders, Always follow and Implement the last  Technology and Environmentally


Perform the Works: Studies, Infrastructure and Superstructure Facilities Planning, Construction Management, and Port/Harbor Training that can be Implemented and Operated with Good and contribute the benefit for best value for Stakeholders.

Company Data

A. General
1. Name : PT. Diagram Triproporsi
2. Status : Main Office
  Address : Gedung Agnesia Lt. 2
      Jl. Pemuda No. 73 B Jakarta 13220
3. Telephone : 021-4701356-57, 4720895
  E-mail :
4. Assosiation : National Assosiation of Indonesian Consultant (INKINDO)
  Member No. : 0199/P/0095 DKI
  Expired Date : December 31, 2020
B. Corporations Law Data
1. Establishment Act
  a. Notary : Langgariana Siregar, SH
  b. Act No. : 2
  c. Date : August 8, 1980
2. Act Amendement
  a. Notary : Sriyati, SH
  b. Act No. : 2
  c. Date : August 8, 2012
3. Legalized by Ministry of Justice
  No. : AHU-0079632.AH.01.09. Tahun 2012
  Date : September 05, 2012
4. Announcement in State News
  No. : 100
  Date : April 14, 1999
C. Board Of Directors
1. Ir. Lesmana Sosialika Putra Commissioner
2. Ir. Wahyono Bimarso, Dipl. HE President Director
3. Ir. Nani Setiawan Director
4. Ir. Benny Haryanto Eko Putro Director

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About Us

PT. Diagram Triproporsi Engineering Consultant was founded in 1980 with intensive projects portfolio in ports, harbors and urban drainage. Read more...

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+62 (021) 4701356
+62 (021) 4701357

+62 (021) 4720895
+62 (021) 4892042
HP: +628161815803

E-mail :


Agnesia Building 2nd floor, Jl. Pemuda 73B Jakarta Indonesia 13220